Winter Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament 2017. Registration opens Jan 23rd.

Tournament Date is Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

6033 De Soto Ave
Woodland Hills, CA


COST: $25

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Trampoline Dodgeball

TRAMPOLINE DODGEBALL BOUNCE, SMASH and FLIP your way to victory in an amazing, unique experience! 4 teams of 10 players will battle in a 2 hour tournament! You can sign up as an individual or come with a team! No experience required...just an open mind and fun!

People of any age, skill or strength welcome!!!

Teams of 10 will battle on the bounciest battlefield to date.

Come play with friends or come as a free agent and you'll be assigned to a team.

40 players MAXIMUM! So register early!!

The rules are simple, old school dodgeball rules.
Hit someone below the shoulders, they are out!
Catch a ball, the other player is out and one of your players comes back in.
Block a ball with your ball, and you are safe!
Last team remaining wins!!

Robert Oliver

I never miss Trampoline Dodgeball! I mean, bounce, throw, roll, bounce, sweat, win! It's perfect. And so much fun!

-Robert Oliver

Available Leagues

Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament

Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament has 4 teams of 10 competing in a 2 hour sweat, bouncy, wild battle!

$25 per player. Sign up with a full team or as a solo player!

SPRING Season Registration OPENS MARCH 2016 Games start APRIL 2016. 8 Week Season. 2-5pm 24 Teams Max