Team Tennis registration is open. Season starts October 8th.

Tennis Ladder is open for registration

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Singles and Doubles and Team Tennis and Tennis Ladder are available Tennis Options! Join hundreds of other tennis players in fun, competitive and social play. 3 level's of skill for all types of players. The most inexpensive in town!

We are an 8 week league of competitive, outdoor action for people of all skill levels! Break a sweat, smack a ball, compete for the trophy, and meet new people!

We want to provide the best tennis experience as inexpensively as possible!

USTA Rankings will be used to determine skill set, but if you don't know your level, we will help you find the right level of play!

Champions will be be crowned in all 3 levels of competition.


One hour games (five-minute MAX warm-up)
Eight-game “pro set." First to eight games, win by two.
"No-ad scoring"
Seven-point tiebreakers
If players do not complete their match in the allotted time, they will be allowed to complete the match the following week. (or that evening in the event VGL has extra courts)

Players will have their choice of 3 levels of play. If you don't know your level, we will help you determine it.

Beginners: equivalent to USTA ranking 2.0-3.0. A beginner is someone new to the sport of tennis and who is playing competitive tennis for the first time. If you have received tennis lessons over a period of 6 months or longer or have ever played tennis before in any sort of a league, tournament or school program you are NOT a Beginner."

Intermediate: equivalent to USTA ranking 3.5-4.0. (recreational competitor)

Masters: equivalent to USTA ranking 4.5-up (competitor with USTA and/or college experience)

All matches will follow standard ITF/USTA rules of play.
Rankings/team records will be based off completed match records.
Matches not completed by the end of the regular season will not be counted.

Finals matches will be full matches:

Brian Pedroso

I've made great friends, improved my game play, and found new people to play tennis with all year round.

-Brian Pedroso

Available Leagues

Team Tennis
Season starts October 8th

Teams in Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced will be paired together and play as a unit, competing against other teams in their same levels.

Each week players will play in singles or doubles play.

Singles Tennis
Season starts August 23rd Poinsettia Park, 7-10pm.

Singles compete in Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced competitive play.

Doubles Tennis
Season starts June 12th and 13th

Teams of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced will compete against one another in balanced, competitive play. If you don't have a partner, we will work to find you one.

Tennis Ladder

Join the year-long VGL Tennis rankings system. Challenge other players to competitive matches and earn points to take the top spot in VGL Tennis!

All Divisions Welcome (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)