Will Hackner
Will started Varsity Gay League in 2007, frustrated with the lack of activities for the LGBT community, besides bars, parties and non-profit organizations. He discovered an under served culture in Los Angeles who were looking for new ways to socialize.

Starting with 50 people playing Capture the Flag, Will has supported the growth of Varsity Gay League to become the one of Largest Sports Organizations in the world, providing activities and events for 1000's.

Will prides himself on being everyone’s cheerleader while appreciating and understanding the diversity of VGL's eclectic players. And he's always having fun.

Andrew Miller
Andrew has been a member of Varsity Gay League since 2013 and joined the staff as the General Manager in 2014. Now as the Director of Operations, he looks forward to cultivating and maintaining the culture, community, and competitive play of Varsity Gay League throughout the country and hopefully soon the world.
Los Angeles - Est. 2007
Ethan Weidman
Ethan is our Saturday Kickball co-manager. Starting in 2015 in VGL, Ethan is an all-around athlete who's big on hugs and great on mentoring.
Tyler Sweeney
With 2 championships and 13 seasons of kickball under his belt, Tyler loves the sport and those that also wear tight pants. He's a wonderful advocate for the community and is always there to answer any VGL related questions and does so with a smile.
Justin Wieging
Justin joined VGL in 2016 and is a talented captain, ump and fan favorite!
Adam LaRoche
Adam joined Varsity Gay League’s tennis season in the summer of 2015, shortly after moving to West Hollywood from Boston. Not having played much tennis since high school, VGL renewed his love for the sport and also helped him to make a slew of new friends. Now he’s playing tennis almost every day of the week and traveling with VGL friends to see pro tournaments.
Nathan Frizzell
Nate started the VGL Tennis league in 2013, to create an affordable, competitive tennis program for the LGBT and Allied community in Los Angeles. From the newest beginners to seasoned pros, VGL Tennis offers something for everyone and has reached hundreds of tennis players in a few short years.
Richard Gregory
As a VGL enthusiast with a National Sin City Kickball championship title, VGL Kickball League title, and 5 years of kickball experience spanning from Richmond, VA to Los Angeles, Richie loves encouraging everyone to become involved in recreational sports. VGL has become a second home for him, and wouldn't trade the friendships made here for the world.
Tom Young
Tom is our super soccer league manager, joining the VGL team in 2016! Tom is a fantastic soccer player in his own right. He brings his passion, enthusiasm and talents to every game!
Kimberly Weekes
Kimberly is our Community Outreach Chair, responsible for coordinating and managing all of Varsity Gay League Los Angeles charity events and programs.
Wes Kauble
Wes is Varsity Gay League's resident GameMaster and the creator and long time of host of Braingasm Trivia at Gym Bar. Utilizing his impressive skills as an actual TV game show development producer, Wes built Braingasm to cater to all players of intellect.
Gillian Perry
Gillian joined Varsity Gay League in Fall of 2014, hailing from Eldon, Australia. Since joining the team, her photography skills have excited and captivated everyone. Her bubbly personality, wicked fashion sense, and genuine talent bring the fun to everyone whenever she shows up at a game.
Gus Abbona
Gus has been a tennis player most of his life and is excited to see VGL introducing tennis to so many new players. Gus is a two-time VGL Tennis Masters Doubles League Champion. He is proud to be a tennis and beach volleyball league manager. He couldn’t be more proud of representing V.G.L and all of the fantastic tennis players.
San Diego - Est. 2015
Sacramento - Est. 2016
San Francisco - Est. 2016
Marc Golan
Marc Golan is San Diego's dream General Manager, combining his experience as a successful CFO for multiple businesses and his passion for sports and activities. He's a great player and is motivated to help other's succeed!
Jose Napoles
Jose was born and raised in Fresno, California but most recently, he was located in Phoenix, AZ where he participated in the city's volleyball, dodgeball and kickball LGBT+ leagues. He is happy to bring VGL to the LGBT+ Sacramento community because he really believes in providing alternative safe spaces for people to make connections and have an amazing time.
Kevin Jones
Growing up playing competitive soccer and volleyball, Kevin joined the VGL Family in Summer 2015 for Kickball and Soccer. A multiple champion in many leagues, Kevin knows the games inside and out! Outside of VGL, Kevin currently attends Berkeley Law and plans to incorporate LGBTQ public policy advocacy into his legal career after graduation.
Fort Lauderdale - Est. 2017
Long Beach - Est. 2016
Dallas - Est. 2017
Jason Shervinski
Jason is a long time kickball player and champion for Stonewall Sports and advocate for LGBT sports! As a recent transplant to Fort Lauderdale from Washington DC, he's excited to bring his passion and knowledge of sports to Florida!
Alexander Mehlbrech
Alexander discovered his kickball passion in March 2015 with VGL. As a well-known skilled pitcher, he loved the competitive spirit of all the teams and the sense of community VGL brought to his life. He couldn’t be more ecstatic to bring the spirit of togetherness and competitive fun to Long Beach!
Koby Davis
Koby's been actively working to bring VGL for the better part of 2017! He's an active member of the LGBT community and ready to bring the fun and kick some butt!
Denver - Est. 2017
Boston - Est. 2017
Austin - Est. 2017
Clayton Gray
Clayton is a proud member of the LGBT community. He's thrilled to be able to work with the Varsity Gay League and spread the message of community through teamwork and competitive play of sports!
Tony De Louise
Tony has been actively involved with the Boston's FLAG Flag Football and is bringing his passion of sports to Varsity Gay League. Knowledgeable, athletic and did we mention super nice? Tony is awesome!
Ryan Machala
Ryan has a long background in recreational sports and activities, ranging from Basketball to Softball. An all-around athlete and a great guy, he's thrilled to continue his support to the LGBT community!