Fall Kickball Registration is open!

League Starts October, 7th, 12-3pm, Mickel Park.

Free Scrimmage on Sept 23rd and 30th at 12pm, Mickel Park


FT. LAUDERDALE KICKBALL LEAGUE is a co-ed league for players of all skill sets! Come kick it with your teammates and celebrate with a weekly after game party! JOIN THE LARGEST KICKBALL association in the West Coast!

America's Favorite Elementary School Game!
The basic elementary school is game is back for adults! Games are easy to play but hard to master, and a whole lot of fun!

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. Socialize, Exercise, and party with friends afterwards!

How to Join
We have three seasons: Winter (Feb–Apr), Summer (Jun–Aug) and Fall (Sep–Nov). Each season runs eight weeks, with six weeks of play and two weeks of playoffs.

There are 17 players maximum a team. 10 play on a field at one time, so everyone bats!
Games run 50 minutes with a seven inning max (or until 50 minutes is up).
Join solo or start a team, or with friends.

A weekly post game party is held at TBD with great drinks for all!

Jason Shervinksi

I've been playing kickball across the country, from DC, to Las Vegas and now Ft. Lauderdale! I can't wait!

-Jason Shervinksi

Available Leagues


League Starts October 7th, 12-3pm, Mickel Park.

Free Scrimmage on Sept 23rd and 30th at Mickel Park

Desert Cup Kickball Tournament

National Labor Day Palm Springs Tournament. Registration opens June 1st, Annually.

16 Teams Maximum

Sin City National Kickball Tournament
National Kickball Tournament held Martin Luther King Weekend, annually.

Registration Opens September 1st, Annually.