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Started in the summer of 2007, V.G.L was created as an alternative for the monotony of the bar scene. Varsity Gay League's goals are to provide inexpensive sports leagues, recreational activities and social events for the LGBT community and our straight allies! We are a non-discriminatory organization focused on support and fun. We cater to residents across the United states. With 8000 members and counting, join the fun!

All Year

We offer year-round outside-the-box activities, games and sporting events. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. We believe in creating a fun, unique, non-exclusive atmosphere that affords the chance to meet, compete, and socialize!

Leagues and Events range from Kickball, Tennis, Bowling, Dodgeball, Soccer, Flag Football ,Beach Volleyball, Trampoline Dodgeball, Trivia, Bubble Soccer, Beer Olympics, Game Nights, Capture the Flag, Paintball, Easter Egg Hunts, and more! It's a great way to make new friends and have a great time! So join the fun!

What we stand for







When Can I Join?

Anytime. Everyone and anyone is welcomed to play in Varsity Gay League! Program sign ups are usually the beginning of every quarter. Check out what's happening now.

Who Should Join?

Everyone is welcome. Whether you have 50 friends or looking to make new ones. Whether you are a Division 1 athlete or have always wanted to try.


Will Hackner

It's a family of friends that I'm addicted to, and lucky to see, each week.

-Will Hackner
Andrew Miller

I Love It! Icona Pop Style. #fireworks #katyperry #callmemaybe

-Andrew Miller
Tara Schwartz

Weekends wouldn't be the same without my badass buddies!

-Tara Schwartz
Wendhel Elias

I'm an all-around athlete and it's great to have so many options.

-Wendhel Elias
Charles Romaine

I've been a league member for years and I can honestly say it's one of the best things I have done.

-Charles Romaine
Clayton Gray

Come hungry, leave hungrier for MORE!

-Clayton Gray