Summer Registration opens May 9th, 2017.

League Starts, June 4th, 2017

The basic elementary school is game is back for adults! Games are easy to play but hard to master, and a whole lot of fun!

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience.

How to Join

We have three seasons: Spring Regular League (March-May), Summer Regular League (Jun–Aug) and Fall Regular League(Sep–Nov). Each season runs eight weeks, with six weeks of play and two weeks of playoffs.

Team sizes vary with a minimum of 12 required. 10 play on a field at one time, so everyone bats!

Games run 50 minutes with a seven inning max (or until 50 minutes is up).

Join as a single or with friends.

There are weekly after parties at Silver Fox where players get to mingle, chat about the game, share a drink and celebrate victories and losses.

League is great for new players and veterans, and those looking to play with new teammates!

Available Leagues


8 week Kickball League
8 Teams Maximum
13-17 Players a team.


National Labor Day Palm Springs Tournament. Registration opens June 1st, 2017.

16 Teams Maximum

Early Bird $25 per player, Regular $30 per player.

National Kickball Tournament held Martin Luther King Weekend, annually.

Registration Opens September 1st, 2017.