Summer Kickball Registration opens SOON!


BOSTON KICKBALL LEAGUE is a co-ed league for players of all skill sets! Come kick it with your teammates and celebrate with a weekly after game party!

America's Favorite Elementary School Game!
The basic elementary school is game is back for adults! Games are easy to play but hard to master, and a whole lot of fun!

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. Socialize, Exercise, and party with friends afterwards!

How to Join
We have three seasons: Winter (Feb–Apr), Summer (Jun–Aug) and Fall (Sep–Nov). Each season runs eight weeks, with six weeks of play and two weeks of playoffs.

There are 17 players maximum a team. 10 play on a field at one time, so everyone bats!
Games run 50 minutes with a seven inning max (or until 50 minutes is up).
Join solo or start a team, or with friends.

A weekly post game party is held at TBD with great drinks for all!

Paul Impastato

I love kickball! It's so much frickin' fun!

-Paul Impastato

Available Leagues


League starts Summer 2017.


National Labor Day Palm Springs Tournament.

Registration opens June 1st, 2017.

16 Teams Maximum

Early Bird $25 per player, Regular $30 per player.

Sin City Shoot Out